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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Windows 7 Toolkit

Windows 7 Toolkit - a new version of the program to work with images in Windows 7. The program is a good alternative RTLite. Windows 7 Toolkit is a tool to configure the Windows 7 image using the tool "all in one", you can integrate elements such as updating driver packages, add-ons, gadgets, wallpapers, themes, and more! The program requires no installation and is ready to use!

- Download the update for Windows 7 with the new changes, SP1, Language Packs without having to visit the Microsoft Web page, the driver packages, and so on
- Integration of drivers, registry entries, add-ons, language packs, gadgets and much more in the way of Windows.
- Integration into the image of "silent" installations.
- Transformation Pack MSU to CAB, and vice versa, extracting EXE update and convert them into Cab-files for further integration into the image
- Merge x86 and x64 images into a single image
- Create a bootable USB-drive and a CD DVD
- Remove / add components, the Windows implementation of the image
- Creating a response file (silent installation)
- Removing and installing the cached updates to the current Windows installation
- Forced off the mounted image
- Splitting the image into several parts if the car does not use the DVD drive
- Built-in manager WIM, DISM, and editing images imagex WIM (no need to download Microsoft Windows AIK)
- Removing the Microsoft Office updates from the EXE files and convert them into the Cab-files for further integration into the image
- Creating your own add-ons of the software installations for subsequent integration into the image
- Editing the registry within the image WIM (add, delete, edit the registry entries in the image)

Operating System: Windows ® Vista / 7

Download Link:
- Windows 7 Toolkit


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