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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dupehunter Professional + Keygen

Dupehunter Professional is a professional tool for the identification of duplicated files on Windows operating systems. We would like to introduce you to Dupehunter Professional, an innovative search program to identify duplicated files on personal computers or in a network. Dupehunter Professional has a well-considered basis and offers a high degree of flexibility. Dupehunter Professional finds and removes duplicate files regardless of file name. It works with calculated Hash values of CRC-32 (32 bit), MD5 (128 bit) and SHA-1 (160 bit). A binary comparison is also available. With the speed and functionality of Dupehunter Professional you have a perfect tool for computer forensics to find easier any evidences of computer crime. You can also erasing files acc. to US DoD 5220-22.M, Gutmann method or with Random data!

Save expenses for new hardware.
Saving of working hours by clearly assigned files without redundancy!
Improvement of the security structures by clear distribution of files.
Increasing of the data security in companies!

Supports up to 7 million files in a single search!
Supports UTF-16 Unicode file names and folder paths!
Supports sanitizing of critical data!
Supports file compression with 1 million files per archive!
Provides one of the fastest search engine!
Provides job-based process priority.
Provides details rich XML export files.

What is new in Version
Solved: Dialog “Load Job” sometimes refer to a wrong directory
Solved: Export folder sometimes refer to a wrong directory
Changed: System recognition improved
New: More English PDF documentation
New: Quick Search in the main window
Changed: Back-up folder for saving the search result changes to program folder, not longer to AppData. And a new message provides information about the internal use of this back-up.
Changed: Uninstall function improved
New: New Help System based on a huge number of PDF files
Removed: Help files of old CHM format
Solved: Translation for the text export
Solved: Translation of export confirmation fixed
New: Support of clipboard in the result window
Changed: Help System only online on our website
Changed: Thousand Separator internationalized
Changed: Keyboard support for Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Right in the search job creation
New: A new dialog box displays after exporting the file name and the location and allows you to open the export folder or export file.
Solved: Exporting selected files led to errors when no file was selected.
Solved: Deletion of the last saved search result was not possible.
New: Full-screen view of the results window can be switched off

Download Link:
- Dupehunter Professional + Keygen

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