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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Windows 7 Ultimate New Generation Edition SP1 (x64)

Author : Prince NRVL
Platform : Windows 7
Build : Ultimate, 7601 RTM SP1
Architecture : x64 [ 64 bit ]
Dedicated to : DARKNEZ
Code name : 7 New Generation Edition

OS Perks/Special Bonuses:

- Installs under 10 minutes
- New Shell
- Faster Shell Responses
- New Themes
- Classy Wallpapers
- New Boot Screen
- Cool Sound Schemes
- Best in class performer
- No need to change the start button after the update
- No need to patch the button anymore
- Every option is resource dependent and theme dependent


- None

Components: (These features can be enabled in CP)

- Desktop Gadgets
- Games
- Windows Indexing
- Tablet PC Components
- XPS Services

Windows Tweaks:

- Added RUN on Start Menu
- Removed Action Center ICON [Icon?]
- Added RUN on separate memory space
- Removed balloon tips on Start Menu
- Recycle Bin icon removed on desktop
- Added change theme
- Added change wallpaper
- Added desktop icon settings
- Added MSconfig on right click of [mouse in My Computer?] computer
- Advanced user accounts
- Clear TYPE
- Copy To and Move To on extended menu
- Disabled Windows Defender
- Disabled hibernate
- Disabled UAC
- Disabled Windows Media Player update
- Disabled mark new apps
- Enabled AVALON effects
- Enabled Glass effect without support of [graphics?] card
- Enabled MP3 coding
- Enabled slow motion windows [or Windows?] effect
- Enabled status bar in Notepad
- Disabled Windows Mail splash screen
- Full Admin permissions granted
- Windows FLIP option on extended menu
- Show hidden files toggler by Prince NRVL
- Added direct click link to site on extended menu
- Dream Scene Activated
- Additional WINDOWS 7 SPEED UP TWEAKS are added!!


- Adobe Reader
- Visual C updates from 2005 to 2010
- Direct X? x64
- DotNet Framework 4 x64
- Dream Scene x64
- Firefox 10 [ Code name NIGHTLY ]
- Flash Get
- Flash Player [ Both PLUGIN & ACTIVEX ] x64
- Internet Explorer 9 x64
- New Java x64
- K Lite Mega Codec pack x86
- K Lite Codec pack x64
- Rainmeter x64
- Shockwave x64
- UXCorestyle x64
- Windows 7 Start Button Changer
- Winrar X64


1) What is the difference b/w this Windows version and untouched ones from MS?

Well the modded Windows are like modded cars. The car is normally factory tuned. U mod it to your wishes later. That's what this version will be, modded for complete happiness. Like in performance, visual style etc.

2) How do I install this Windows edition?

It's simple all u need is DVD burning software like NERO or Ultra ISO. Use any software to burn the ISO image to DVD.

3) Can I install this OS via a USB device?

Absolutely, all u need is an 8 Gb USB thumb drive or device and then use Ultra ISO to copy the image. Open the image with ultra ISO, go to BOOTABLE MENU > WRITE DISK IMAGE > Chose your thumb drive or UFD.

4) What are the pre-requisites for this OS?

You must have a minimum 2 Ghz processor with minimum 2Gb RAM and a graphics card supporting Aero effects. Believe me if you don't have any of these, then installing this OS is a sheer waste of time. As u can note from the screenshots this OS is mainly for VISUAL appearance.

5) The OS installation doesn't start when I click install on the autorun.exe!

This may be due to some software compliance issue. Just try the setup.exe located in the same folder as the autorun.exe. But I really recommend that you do not upgrade the OS. Just try the full installation.

6) After installation I don't get the theme!

Well this is due to the drivers. Please install the drivers supplied by your motherboard manufacturer and after that right click on the desktop and change the theme to ANGST or another one u want.

7) The themes are getting mixed up more often!

This is due to the UXCorestyle service being stopped. Google "UXstyle" and install the service. It will not take more than 408 Kb to run. Note, this is not patching, so i use this.

The Windows boot screen has not changed at all.

Please note that this is an important step. If u have previously installed any Windows 8 editions, u will come across this errorr. Jeff, the creator of Windows 7 boot updater has notified us that this is due to the Windows 8 boot mgr file being allocated to a drive even though it is completely reformatted or un-installed.

9) When I use the Windows 7 boot updater, I get an appcrash error message!??

See step solution.

10) Where can I get more modded Windows 7 By Prince NRVL?

You can visit my site, it's a complete mod site for Windows,

11) Do I need to change the start button ORB after the update, as I usually did for your other OS mods?

No, from now on you need not use the Windows 7 start button changer. Everything is managed by the theme resources changer app. You see there are many new folders inside the theme folders. They are directly applied by the theme resources changer software.

12) What if I add a new theme then?

Well if u add new themes, make sure that they are in a folder in explorer.exe, explorerframe.dll etc., where u can see PNG files. If they aren't there then copy the ones in the themes of a previous installation or the default ones I have installed. This step will allow changes.

And if u can't see the icons correctly use the icon cache cleaner, Google it or use the microangel in the Control Panel to clean the icon cache.

13) My taskbar is at the bottom by default, it's not at the top as in the screenshots?

Well u can manually put it at the top or use the app. posted on the desktop named "Top Taskbar", use that app. and it will make the settings on its own and will log u out. Log in again and u wil be able to see the taskbar at the top of the desktop screen.


1) Windows is packed tightly, especially the WIMS which are compressed to the maximum level. It is best if you don't mess around with the WIMS of this OS.

2) The main aim of doing this OS is to help the users to overcome the issues with the UN-touched OS. The UN-touched OS from Microsoft Corporation is more legitimate than this one, however there are some customizations in my Windows, which are user-friendly.

3) Windows is a trade name of Microsoft Corporation, All Rights are Reserved.

4) If you like my work you can contribute some resources like money, servers, seed boxes or anything which is likely to be essential for me.

5) Prince NRVL is the modder of this OS under the name NEO RECONIA SYS - 2011 [since 2005], No-one is allowed to use the name or advertise the Neo Reconia Sys - 2011; you can not use this name in any other software or your own releases.

6) Lastly this OS is a combination of hard work and sleepless nights for Prince NRVL, so it will be much appreciated if you credit my works in other sites, or your own site or wherever u share this OS.

Download Link:
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