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Saturday, April 28, 2012

AthTek Reinstall DirectX EZ 5.36 + Serial

Reinstall DirectX EZ is developed to resolve fatal DirectX errors. It knows all what game lovers need, make all the DirectX solutions integrated into one toolkit. Any DirectX problem can be solved by using Reinstall DirectX EZ! Traditional way to solve fatal DirectX errors needs to reinstall the entire operating system. With Reinstall DirectX EZ, you don't need to waste time on system replacement any more. All tasks can be done within a few clicks.

Enjoy the playtime:
To run a big 3d game smoothly, your computer needs a strong sound card, graphic card, CPU and network. Well, you've missed one point: a suitable DirectX! For a game lover, it's a nightmare if you enter the game world and the frustrating error message pops up from time to time, or the game can't proceed further after hitting start etc. These game failures are caused by DirectX errors. To solve them, you need to repair or reinstall DirectX so that your computer connects the hardware and software ideally in image expressing, sound, action and speed performance. Like we addressed before, the missing of important DirectX files make your game unplayable. Unlike the traditional methods of reinstalling the whole system, Reinstall DirectX offers alternatives to repairing DX with your original system disk and skips the troubles of the whole system reinstallation. After the DX fix, you will be able to experience the visual and audio feasts granted by the games perfectly!

Remove fatal DirectX errors:
Sometimes when we run some advanced games, higher version of DX is needed to meet the graphics, sound, video and other requirements of the game design. However, in some cases, DirectX update may come up with errors when you initialize the file. Common windows users will feel at loss with this kind of error. It's probably that the whole DX is corrupt and you have no idea which parts are missing or wrong. Don't worry. With Reinstall DirectX EZ, you can extract original DX data from your system disk and then update to suitable version from reliable Microsoft official websites. You don't need to waste time reinstalling the whole system, patching and installing software to fix DirectX update problems. With intelligent features, it'll save you both time and efforts to reinstall DirectX and obtain the appropriate version for games and other applications.

DirectX backward:
When we play some games, it's better and smoother to run in slightly lower DirectX version than the highest version due to the original game design. In some extreme occasions, the game won't run well unless your DX is lower like DX10 or DX9.0c. If you happen to have a Windows Vista or Windows 7 system updated to highest DX version recently and the game is developed in lower version (which is the case to a number of games), the game performance will likely be impacted and curbed. This is exactly when we need DirectX backward. To meet the compatible needs of certain games that you earn to play, we have to get a DirectX backward. Reinstall DirectX EZ offers a tool to securely and conveniently achieve this solution. After backing up your current DX of higher version in case you need a recovery, we can easily use the system disk to get the DirectX backward. Simply put, the tool helps you reinstall DirectX to original version easily and safely to run game better.

Download Link:
- AthTek Reinstall DirectX EZ 5.36 + Serial

*(Update Link 26-September-2013)


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