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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

JoyoBox Cleaner 2012 4.0 + Crack

Joyobox Cleaner - Powerful but safe program to clean registry, junk files, lists, stories, and also owns a number of additional features. A great tool to take care of your computer! Versatile, fast, safe and easy to learn!

- Search registry errors: a powerful, fast and secure
- Find and delete junk files
- Find and delete lists of stories
- Optimize the registry files
- Manage Windows Startup
- Uninstalling the application
- A tool to search the registry
- Key management software configurations
- The \"Find and delete one-click\"
- Security: backup
- Ease of operation: a quick search on lists, sorting
- Flexible program settings
- Support for multiple languages
- Compact size of the program
- Work as a 32-bit and 64 bit OS
- Having a portable version for flash drives

Download Link:
- JoyoBox Cleaner 2012 4.0 + Crack

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